The SimplyAdvised Podcast

Are you planning for retirement, buying a home, sending your kids to college, or looking for ways to protect your estate assets?

The SimplyAdvised podcast connects you to trusted professionals: subject-matter experts who communicate critical information in a meaningful and memorable way, to guide you to make smart choices.

Listen in as our experts help you handle whatever life throws your way!

Episode 9: Sequence of Returns for Retirees – with Frederick Pratt Sr and Fred Pratt Jr

Episode 8: Taxation in Retirement Made Simple — with Frank Marano

Episode 7: The Fundamentals of Developing a Successful Financial Plan — with Thomas Southard

Episode 6 - College Preparation and Taxation Strategies — with Benjjamin Zales

Episode 5: Solving the Puzzle of Insurance — with Lisa Reynolds

Episode 4: The IRA Exit Strategy BluePrint - with Brad Gotto

Episode 3: Your Ultimate Guide To the Bucket Strategy — With Mason Gorris

Episode 2: The Advantage of Roths In Your Portfolio — With Kelly Boyd

Episode 1: The Family Estate Organizer With a Heart — With Dean Thurman