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Taxes in Retirement – Canada Seminars

You’ve worked hard for decades. On the verge of retirement, you may have questions about your savings and how to best protect them. You might also want to learn more about which government benefits you’re entitled to – and when you can start receiving them. Our goal is to teach you how to plan, tell you what you need to know about the tax system and provide strategies to help you set yourself up for success in order to optimize your retirement income.

taxes in retirement canada

You’ll Learn About:

Retirement Savings Plans

You’ll leave this course having learned the differences, benefits and nuances of corporate, private and public retirement savings plans.

Retirement Taxation

You’ll learn about “3 D’s” of tax planning and how to make it work precisely for you and your family. We’ll also cover how to minimize your taxes in retirement to make the most of your hard-earned retirement income.

Preserving Assets

We’ll discuss withdrawing your income and preserving your hard-earned assets. 


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